This is a place holder for Sopht's Android development.

Currently, we have 2 android projects: Queueing and MailWidget.


Version 2.23

This is the last version of MailWidget.  If it works for you, that is great.  This is the terminal release of the widget and it comes with no support.  All apps have been removed from the market as I have no time to continue working on the android apps.  Please click the link below to download the latest version

MailWidget 2.23

Since I don't have time to develop the application anymore, I have decided to release the source code in the hopes that someone will be able to continue development on the widget.  Click the link below to download the source code:

 MailWidget 2.23 source code

Version 2.2

This is a new version of MailWidget.  Currently, it will only work with a version of K9 that adds a message provider.  Please download the appropriate test version of K9 by clicking here . Here is the link for the appropriate MailWidget apk:

MailWidget 2.2

And the screenshot of it: 


Version 1.4

Small bug correction that rarely renders the widget non responsive.


Version 1.3

Added an application for all users who don't know what a widget is.


Version 1.2

After a few comments and a few observations from me on the performance of HTC Sense UI, this is the changelog for version 1.2:

Here is the link for the apk:


NOTE on HTC's Sense UI

As some have noted, MailWidget is slow to react on the Sense UI.  This is particularly true when switching to the screen where the widget is located.  One part, I solved with a revamp of the code, the other part, I can't do anything about it.  The problem is that the Sense UI is very aggressive at disabling widgets.  Background updates AREN'T refelected on the screen until you switch to that screen.  So how long is this delay?  About 1 or 2 seconds.  Want to see it in action?  Put the HTC music widget on a screen, start a song and switch to another screen.  Put your cell in sleep and wait for a change in songs.  When a new song is playing, open your cell and switch to the screen where the widget is.  See how long it takes to refresh it?  This is what an HTC widget does!  Imagine a standard android widget!  This explains why on HTC's Sense UI, MailWidget takes about 1-2 seconds to respond to a click if you click on it RIGHT after switching to the screen. Subsequent clicks react normally.

Version 1.1

MailWidget is a small widget that works with K9Mail.  It listens for incomming email intents sent by K9Mail and displays the from and subject of the newly received emails in a widget.  Click on the email info to open the email in K9Mail.  The version 1.1 will also listen to a DELETE intent from K9Mail.  This will enable the widget to try to keep in sync with the K9Mail inboxes.  Please note that the DELETE intent isn't yet implemented in K9 (should be released as part of K9 2.2).  Here is a list of changes for the 1.1 version:

This is the APK for version 1.1:


Here are screenshots of the upcoming 1.1 version:

The widget ONLY works with K9Mail.

Version 1.0

Here is a screenshot of the application:


This is the APK for version 1.0:


This should be considered beta at this stage.



 Small application to estimate utilization of server and probability of requests waiting given number of queues, number of CPUs (servers per queue), Service time of 1 request, arrival rate of requests.  This will also calculate the arrival rate at 75% utilisation (typical max utilization for servers).

 A screenshot of the application:


 The link to download the application: